Eating/Exercise Plan!

When I am in maintenance, I am trying to not eat processed foods that come out of boxes or bags.  I also am trying to eventually follow a more "paleo" style of eating, that can be found in the Primal Blueprint.  You can click on the Primal Blueprint tab for more info on that.   Here are the "rules" of my current maintenance eating plan.  No one is perfect.  I shoot for 80% compliance and that usually does the trick.

  • This is a “Diet” that will hopefully improve your lifestyle. Here are the rules:
  •  1. Any and all vegetables are welcome.  Any and all meats are welcome. Deli meat is ok if there is no sugar in the top five ingredients. You may also have jerky. You are welcome to eat any fruits (in moderation according to your glucose tolerance)nuts and seeds. 2. Protein Shakes occasionally. Go for real animal protein whenever possible.  3. Dairy is okay, as long as there is no sugar added.  So yes you can eat eggs, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, or whatever.  As long as there is no sugar added! 4. Carbohydrates: I try to keep my carbs at 50-100g per day.  I don't count green veggies.  5. NO SUGAR.  I do use stevia, xylitol, erythritol and local raw honey occasionally.  6. No Alcohol.  
  • I am never perfect so sometimes a cheat meal is in order.  Just be sure it does not turn into a cheat weekend or cheat week :)  Get right back on track.
As for workouts, I like the Primal Blueprint fitness plan.

-3-5 hours of low level activity.  55-75% of max heart rate.  For most this is not much above a brisk walk and should not feel like exercise.  Try wearing your heart rate monitor for a day.  All that cleaning, vacuuming, climbing stairs, and chasing kids probably falls into this category without even trying :)

-Lift Heavy Things: 2 times a week.  10-30 minutes.  Keep it short and sweet.

-Once a week Sprint.  Do 6 cycles.  Walk then sprint, then walk then sprint.  Don't go all out at first.  Build up to your max on the sprint.  Should take no more than 20 min.