Friday, July 16, 2010

We are outta here!!!

Today is FINALLY the day!! We are packing up and getting on the road this morning! We will be gone for 2 glorious weeks and tonight I will rest my head on a pillow in Lake Chelan. I did one final check on the scale and was right where I have been for the last 4 months 149.8. So that is good. I will not be a freak, and have a great vacation! I am not sure how much chance I will have to get on here while I am gone, but I will be sure to post pics if I can. I hope you all have a good 2 weeks and I will miss catching up with you daily! Talk to you soon...... jen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That my friends, is the water of Lake Chelan!! And the reason that it is my favorite place on earth! The water is crystal clear and beautiful. And I will be there by Friday night...... ahhhh! My family waits for this vacation all year. And about right now, we are ready to BURST! :)

Work is definitely busier which is good. The new girls are great. I have been avoiding the scale and just going by the mirror. I feel good so I am not going to let anything ruin that before vacation. Now, I cannot guarantee what things will be like when I return :) Lake Chelan is also the home of some of my favorite food like coconut cream waffles and peppermint ice cream. There is just something about driving the boat into town, getting a cone and eating it while sitting on the back of the boat with your feet dangling in the water... :)

My husband has agreed to workout with me everyday, as long as I agree not to be a freak and enjoy myself even if I gain a little. He said I can freak out when I get back and work it off. Gotta love that man :) I have a million little errands to run and then off to work. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chaos before the calm....

Not much longer till vacation, but things are crazy busy. The owners at work have officially left and now it's up to me :) I want everything to run smoothly, but there are always bumps along the road. I really like the 2 new girls we hired and I think we will have fun working together.

I have still been really mentally struggling with my body image as vacation approaches. This is the first time I will see family and friends back home since I lost the weight. For some reason it feels like so much pressure. Which doesn't make sense, because I know they love me and will think I did a great job. I think because I have gotten used to the change, now I see all the flaws and need for improvement. To them it will just be wow. As soon as I got done being sick, TOM hit with a vengeance and so I am sure that is not helping right now. TOM has always been easy breezy for me. No cramps, 3 days max, done. I have had miserable cramps, bloating, headaches and back pain that won't stop. I have been on 400-800 ibuprofen round the clock for the past 3 days. And am up 3.8 lbs despite not being able to eat much. Not what I was hoping for right before I left. But I guess it's better to get it over with now!

I am thinking alot about another round at end of summer. The only thing holding me back right now is the hair and eyelash thing. They are finally getting back to normal! I lost tons of hair, which is fine because I have a ton. But it changed my hair and all the regrowth is frizzy. My eyelashes really thin out when on the HCG, and they are looking good again. But I would like to try and reach 135 and be done. Something to think about......

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Re-Entering the land of the living....

I spent the last 2 days being violently ill!! Finally this morning, I think I just might make it :) I have no idea what I had or where it came from, but wow it knocked me over. I was fine Monday morning, but by noon had nausea, and chills and was back in bed. Then came hours on end of nausea and vomiting! Sorry, TMI! This morning, I feel much better and am going in to work. On the plus side, I did not have to do my usual steak day monday and high protein Tuesday to make up for the weekend :) Only nine more days until vacation....... YIPPEE!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Loving the freedom!

Speaking of freedom...... I am most thankful this holiday weekend. Thanks to all who have gone before me and given me the freedoms I enjoy everyday. We are so lucky to live in this country. Even with it's flaws, it is head and shoulders above the rest!

I am also thankful that I am back to the freedom from constant calorie counting!! I have only gotten on the scale a few times and have been right on track. No counting. No pre planning of meals. Just good clean eating. I am also much more in tune with eating when hungry instead of eating because it was planned. I am naturally zig zagging do to busy work schedules, forgetting to eat, or getting hungry. Makes a lot more sense to eat when the body says it needs to, than to eat 6 times a day just because, even when you are not hungry.

Have a great 4th of July everyone! Let freedom ring :)