Friday, May 13, 2011

Day Five of the Un-HCG Experiment...

Stayed the same today. I worked in the yard all day yesterday weeding and mowing. Must have gotten up and down a million times :) Very sore, so a little water retention is definitely a possibility! I still have the headaches here and there but less and less. I also am beginning to think they might be more related to my neck issues rather than any diet issues. What I really love so far, is that other than a period of hunger in the morning, I have no hunger what so ever. I mean none. On HCG even though I wasn't starving, I was always a little hungry or thinking about how long it was till the next meal. On this I don't feel anything. Also, I crave nothing. Weird. I know if I put a cookie in my mouth it would taste good, but I don't WANT to put it in my mouth, or spend anytime wishing I could. Now that is a first :) I found that by eating an ounce of protein or a TBSP of heavy cream in the morning helped the am hunger I was having. After that, I am good to go. I am absolutely loving the sunshine, FINALLY!


  1. Wow - you got your energy back! I have too, I've been cleaning and cleaning. Last week I was doing a lot of lounging... so it 's a little bit of a mess here!I'm a little hungry in the morning too, I just add a little heave cream to my coffee and then drink a a bunch of water and it subsides. So happy to see the sun today!

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